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  1. I Run on Caffeine, Chaos & Cuss Words Candle
  1. My Last Fuck ... Oh Look It’s On Fire Candle
  1. My Love Is Like A Candle, If You Forget me I Will Burn Your F**king House Down Candle
  1. Smells Like Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Candle
  1. Im A Drop The Fuck Word Kinda Mum Candle
  1. Best Fucking Friends Candle
  1. Fresh Outta Fucks Candle
  1. Not Today Fuckers Candle
  1. Calm The Fuck Down Candle
  1. Im Not Always A Bitch, Just Kidding Go Fuck Yourself Candle
  1. Harry Potter - I Solemnly Swear Thats Its My Birthday Candle
  1. Crystal Tin Candle
  1. A candle for fuck this …. Smells like I’m over it