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  1. I Run on Caffeine, Chaos & Cuss Words Candle
  1. My Last Fuck ... Oh Look It’s On Fire Candle
  1. My Love Is Like A Candle, If You Forget me I Will Burn Your F**king House Down Candle
  1. Ornate Candle Snuffer
  1. She Believed She Could, So She Did Candle
  1. Smells Like Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Candle
  1. “ Free & Wild ” Candle
  1. “In A World Full of Princesses Be A Witch” Candle
  1. Im A Drop The Fuck Word Kinda Mum Candle / Earrings Set
  1. Best Fucking Friends Candle / Earrings Set
  1. Fresh Outta Fucks Candle / Earring Set
  1. Not Today Fuckers Candle / Earrings Set
  1. Calm The Fuck Down Candle
  1. Im Not Always A Bitch, Just Kidding Go Fuck Yourself Candle
  1. Harry Potter - I Solemnly Swear Thats Its My Birthday Candle